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The theme for VSBIT U in FY 19 is Safe and Supportive Schools.

The first VSBIT U session will occur on September 18th from 10am - 3pm at VSBIT's office at 52 Pike Drive, Berlin, VT.  Click here for a map and directions.

David Melnick, LCSW, Director of Outpatient Services for NFI Vermont will be presenting the following:

This Is Us:

The Neurobiology Of Stress and Developmental Trauma. The Trauma-informed Schools Movement.

In the past decade, professionals have made substantial gains in supporting children exposed to chronic trauma.  By integrating research and innovative practice skills from multiple disciplines, our understanding of the impact of stress has led to improved outcomes.  When professionals are specifically taught about the impact of stress on the brain, the result is often a profound shift in how we approach children and adolescents, and how we address our own stress. 

The second VSBIT U session will occur on October 15th from 9:am - 1:00pm at VSBIT's office at 52 Pike Drive, Berlin, VT.

Heather Thomas Lynn, Esq., will be presenting the following:


This training is designed to provide an in-depth treatment of the Vermont AOE policy definitions of hazing, harassment, bullying and retaliation with pragmatic advice on how to break down and explore their essential elements through the investigative process to be followed by administrators, designees and/or investigators responding to notice of policy violations in cases of inappropriate student conduct. The goal is to work with the policy definitions in a hands on manner so that attendees have a better understanding of how to apply the definitions to the facts found in the course of their HHB investigations, and to draft reports that reflect the essential elements of those facts and policy definitions.


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Cancellation Policy:  Once registered, funds are due and refunds will not be available.  Registrants may swap their position with another staff member at any time.  Inquiries regarding special considerations should be directed to Tim Vincent at timv@vsbit.org or 802-223-5040 X 207.